2 years!!!!!

It’s our 2 year anniversary at Rendition Tattoo.When I first opened The shop I swore that I would not hire any assholes,crappy tattooers and or guys that didn’t treat people with respect and continue to progress whether they were friends or not and I would work by myself if needed.Luckily Rawbert came along,then Worm and Jake and they have helped make the shop what it is and I’m proud to work with these guys every day and can honestly say without a doubt that I enjoy going to work everyday and being around them and being inspired and pushed to always do better.Im also very thankful to everyone that has came through our doors and helped spread the word about the shop.I get excited every time some one walks in for the first time to get tattooed no matter how many times it happens in a day.I had a plan that I thought would work and one day maybe we would be busy and not just do appointments but also have walkins regularly and it’s happening and has happened faster than I could have imagined.So thanks to everyone that has helped make the shop what it is from our family to our friends and all of the new friends we have made through tattooing at the shop.We appreciate it and will never take it for granted. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #aboutredlands #WEAREABOUTREDLANDS #redlandstattoo #renditiontattoo


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