Toy drive

 We had our toy drive to help out the Blessing center in Redlands this last saturday and it was amazing.Kim and Craig started out in there garage helping out families a long time go and now they help out 7,000 families with not only food but medical care and whatever else  people need on a daily basis.It really has been a great experience to get to work with them.We had a plan and everyone came together to make it a success.I hope everyone knows how much it means to us that people took the time out of there day to come by the shop and drop off a toy.Some people didn’t even get a tattoo but just wanted to drop off a toy,food or gift cards and it was all appreciated.I reached out to the community and my friends and not one person hesitated to help out and contribute and in the end a lot of the community started coming us to make sure we had everything we needed and continued to contribute and that was awesome and every bit was appreciated



Crossfit covert 

Sean Regalado

Josh Lund Parklund leathercraft

Fox racing

Running center

Redlands cyclery

Nectar clothing 

Denim gallery


Ritual Brewing

Comic quest

Spine and sport

Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu

Renew day spa

To die for clothing

International day spa

Agency boardshop

Darryls pet shop

Los Jarritos

All of these businesses came through big time for us with donations and helped spread the word through the community and I can’t express our gratitude enough.Nobody needed time to think on it or thought twice about helping and they deserve to be supported themselves

I knew if the word got out then people were going to show so I needed a solid crew to be there to tattoo so along with my great guys that are permanent at rendition Rawbert Samuel and Aaron Brewart I asked my Brothers/Great friends/Tattoo warriors to help  out and that was David Flores and Chris Arredondo  and they jumped right in.Chris drove down from Reno and drove back up the next day.We started tattooing around 11 and didn’t stop until well after midnight.From 12 to 9 not one artist took a break to even eat and it was solid tattooing non stop for everyone that whole time.I am not surprised by this work ethic from these great guys but I am still proud of them and feel honored to have worked along side of them and look forward to doing so again in the future.I really can not express how much I appreciate these guys

Jillian Seamen did the great  fliers for us and those proved to help out a ton with getting the word spread.Thanks Jill!!!You always come through and are greatly appreciated 

Chuck Holcombe is our landlord at the shop and he was awesome and always offered to help out in any way every time I saw him and let us take over the property and parking for the day.Thanks Chuck!

My mother and father in law Craig and Nancy always seem to have all of the little and big things that everyone else forgets covered and there support through everything was amazing.

The great guys Liberty Tattoo Seattle is where I got the idea from 5 years ago when I went up and worked with them at the one they did at there shop.Thanks Liberty!

The one that kept the day rolling smooth and made our job easy was my wife Kim.She is having our son tomorrow so she was/is literally ready to pop and besides her belly popping out you wouldn’t have known that she was pregnant With how hard she worked.She went above and beyond to make sure everyone was taken care of and questions were answered.She went strong the whole day with us and when she took a short break Charise and Jasmine stepped in to help out.Thanks ladies!Without you guys it could have got real crazy

Im sure I can speak for everyone working saturday in saying that we would have loved to shake the hands of every single person that came through the door because with out everyones help this wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have been able to get as much stuff together for these families that really need it.These families and the children are the reason for this.

Im proud to have the friends and family that I have and know that I can put an idea to work and make it work with there help without any doubts.I will be at the blessing center on Monday morning to help out and hand out the toys to the families and if anyone else would like to come Im sure it would be welcomed.I hope everyone has a great christmas

Thank you times a million everyone,



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